Tyson Jensen

Tyson Jensen is an active white nationalist and former member of the now defunct KC Southside Skinhead Crew. Tyson has been known to harass public anti-racists via fake social media accounts as part of a “Trollfront” campaign. Tyson is often armed and should be considered dangerous.

Tyson additionally ran a white supremacist webstore out of KC entitled “chickensshit” on storenvy until concerned citizens helped get the store shut down. He continues to sell white power clothing on Ebay and posts online under the screen name “killcrazy88” (88 standing for HH or Heil Hitler).

Here are some screenshots of his online activities:

Last known to reside in Grandview, MO

Section Supervisor
Mission Plastics North
13615 Wyandotte St
Kansas City, MO 61415

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