Jacob Mountain Drew

                   HUMAN RACE TRAITOR ALERT

Before we start with this person I think we need to take a second to explain that that is literally his actual legal name. Goes to show the “master race” breathes about as much life into its names as it does its stock.
Jacob, has prison time under his belt with a history of distribution of drugs and intimidation of a witness. Jacob served prison time with neonazi Dustin Moore and they claim to be best friends (isn’t that cute).
We first learned of Jacob back in 2015 when he was spotted in attendance at the Aryan Nation-endorsed Rally for Gary Yarbrough in St Louis with fellow neonazis Dustin Moore and Ouida Cassidy.

Jacob and his wife have been spotted walking their great dane “Adolph” in Little Blue Valley Park in KCMO fairly often.
Above is a photo of Jacob and Dustin in Robert J Matthews (neonazi terrorist) commemoration tshirts giving a roman salute. Also above is a photo of Jacob at the Aryan Nation endorsed rally for Gary Yarbrough.
Last know to reside in Lee Summit, MO
Jacob works with Dustin Moore at Dustin’s stepdads shop in the Crossroads District of KCMO.
Kay Cee Clutch Rebuilders
1815 Charlotte St
Kansas City, MO 64108

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