Jacob Mountain Drew

                   HUMAN RACE TRAITOR ALERT

Before we start with this person I think we need to take a second to explain that that is literally his actual legal name. Goes to show the “master race” breathes about as much life into its names as it does its stock.
Jacob, has prison time under his belt with a history of distribution of drugs and intimidation of a witness. Jacob served prison time with neonazi Dustin Moore and they claim to be best friends (isn’t that cute).
We first learned of Jacob back in 2015 when he was spotted in attendance at the Aryan Nation-endorsed Rally for Gary Yarbrough in St Louis with fellow neonazis Dustin Moore and Ouida Cassidy.

Jacob and his wife have been spotted walking their great dane “Adolph” in Little Blue Valley Park in KCMO fairly often.
Above is a photo of Jacob and Dustin in Robert J Matthews (neonazi terrorist) commemoration tshirts giving a roman salute. Also above is a photo of Jacob at the Aryan Nation endorsed rally for Gary Yarbrough.
Last know to reside in Lee Summit, MO
Jacob works with Dustin Moore at Dustin’s stepdads shop in the Crossroads District of KCMO.
Kay Cee Clutch Rebuilders
1815 Charlotte St
Kansas City, MO 64108

Dustin Moore & Ouida Cassidy



Dustin Moore is a violent felon and known white nationalist organizer/sympathizer. Dustin is often armed and should be considered dangerous, with a history of drug crimes and robbery. Dustin works in the Crossroads District of KCMO at his stepdad’s shop with his best friend and fellow neonazi Jacob Mountain Drew.
Kay Cee Clutch Rebuilders
1815 Charlotte St 

Kansas City, MO 64108

Ouida Cassidy is well known in white nationalist circles. She has been seen attending white supremacist rallies, including the Aryan Nation-endorsed Rally for Gary Yarbrough in St Louis in 2015.

Ouida publicly sells jewelry, clothing, and beauty products through her Poshmark and Doterra accounts.
Last known to reside together in Raytown, MO

Joshua Coale

Joshua Coale is a tattoo artist who has no issues at all openly befriending and tattooing white supremacists. That’s really no surprise though coming from someone with a “Peckerwood” tattoo across the front of his neck.
Pictured above is the tattoo of the “Trollfront” symbol Joshua tattooed on KC White Supremacist Tyson Jensen. Also above is a photo of Joshua posing with violent Neo-Nazi Dustin Moore.
Last known to reside in Independence, MO
Tattoo Artist
Butch’s Tattoo
106 MO-7
Blue Springs, MO 64014
Butch’s Facebook

Jeffrey Heavin

Jeffrey Heavin is a former recruiter for the now defunct Volksfront, a violent and dangerous white supremacist group. Googleing his name easily reveals Anti-Semitic posts under the comments sections of online news articles. Jeffrey lives in KCK with his wife who is a minister at a Presbyterian Church in town. Jeffrey has lost sight in his right eye and lost the use of his left hand due to cataracts all within the past 18 months. Karma sure can suck sometimes.

Pictured above is Jeffrey (far right) with other Volksfront members including its founder Randy Krager (2nd from right), as well as Derrick “Del” O’ Connor (far left), a suspect in several racially motivated London bombings in 1999.
6316 Richmond Ave
Kansas City, KS 66111

Tyson Jensen

Tyson Jensen is an active white nationalist and former member of the now defunct KC Southside Skinhead Crew. Tyson has been known to harass public anti-racists via fake social media accounts as part of a “Trollfront” campaign. Tyson is often armed and should be considered dangerous.

Tyson additionally ran a white supremacist webstore out of KC entitled “chickensshit” on storenvy until concerned citizens helped get the store shut down. He continues to sell white power clothing on Ebay and posts online under the screen name “killcrazy88” (88 standing for HH or Heil Hitler).

Here are some screenshots of his online activities:

Last known to reside in Grandview, MO

Section Supervisor
Mission Plastics North
13615 Wyandotte St
Kansas City, MO 61415

Brad and Stephanie Newby

Brad and Stephanie Newby
Brad and Stephanie Newby

Brad and Stephanie have publicly promoted ties with white nationalism and openly wear hate symbols. Stephanie originally hails from the Philly/Jersey area and is well known to both white nationalists and anti-fascists alike. Brad’s pseudonym on facebook is Brad Leroy Brown.
Both have been seen attending various neo-nazi events including the neofascist NYC Oi Fest and Leif Erickson Day gatherings around the east coast. Brad and Stephanie generally appear in public alongside one another, often at bars, gun ranges, and sporting events.
Last known to reside in Independence, MO.

Stephanie’s work:
Brewbakers Bar and Grill
9482 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, KS 66219